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    A campaign to generate awareness about Road Safety

Road Safety First

Road Safety: Why it is so important? Will you believe more than 1.3 million people killed in road accidents worldwide every year and 20-30 million injured or disabled for whole life. One child is killed in every three minutes. According to the WHO report (published in 2013) road accidents will become be the 5th big reason for death. The main affectees in road accidents are Children, pedestrians, cyclists and older people.

Human fault is more involved in road accidents as compare to technical fault. The main reason for road accidents include overloading, bad road condition, vehicle condition, ignoring traffic rules and instruction marked on roads, signal breaking as well as over speeding, one wheeling, use of mobile while driving, wrong overtaking, use of drug while driving, wrong parking and drunk driving. 80% people got serious injuries just due to not following the safety cautions like wearing the safety belts, seat-belts or helmet.

In Pakistan 4672 people died in 2013 and 9864 people injured whereas 8885 accidents reported but the actual figure is very high.

Islam gives great importance to protecting life. Untrained drivers are like silent killer. Islam regards killing as a major sin and it regards killing a person as killing the whole mankind.

Violation of traffic signal is sin and crime

Drive Slow

Violation of traffic signal is 'Haraam' - says Saudi Mufti

By keeping in mind the above facts and figure, it is need to generate awareness in public, trained them, teach them about road signs, safety cautions and motivate them to obey traffic rule and laws.

Road Safety First is a community of people around the country (Pakistan) having vision of saving human's life from road accidents. If you think human life is more important than it's cast, color, race and religion then please join hand together for this cause. By becoming member you are making promise that you will obey the traffic laws and will not do anything which may be harmful for others on road.

We welcome your comments and suggestions that may improve the quality of our work so we can provide you quality content. Together we are road safety and we can do it through Education and Awareness, the most powerful tools which can change the world.

Roads are made for journey not for death so don't take risk and keep death off the road. Let's make accident free roads. Thank You.