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    A campaign to generate awareness about Road Safety

Mission and Objectives

There are dozens of Organizations, NGO, Companies, Driving Schools and Individuals who are working individually in Pakistan to ensure the human safety from road accidents. They are all doing wonderful work and great job by generating awareness but no one know their work which is very useful for everyone. The reason is lack of communication and lack of platform where they can present and share it.

Our mission to bring all entities at one place and provide them a platform where all can present and publish their work, reports, survey, publications and researches for the readers and make it possible to get benefits from each other.

•Reduce communication gap among them and make it possible to get support from each others.

•Accumulate individual's efforts at one place.

•Provide awareness about road signs and road safety cautions.

•Provide technical support to entities in developing and managing/updating their own websites and Social Media Pages including Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.

•Make famous your work on social media which is helpful for readers.

Together we are road safety. Let's make accident free roads. Thank You


If you are running an Organization, NGO, Company, Driving School or doing any individual effort and work regarding with Road Safety then please contact us and become member of community working for road safety. We love to publish and promote your effort. Thank you.