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    A campaign to generate awareness about Road Safety

Our Projects

Road Signs and Traffic Signals Information

The main purpose of this project to provide information about Road Signs, Traffic Signals their meaning in English and Urdu language and Road Safety Awareness as well as to provide a platform where visitors can share their experience with others. we welcome your suggestions and comments that may improve the quality of this project. Road signs and signals are categorized as Mandatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informative Signs





Road Safety Magazine

Road Safety Magazine launched with vision to promote the unsung hero of Pakistan, working day and night to make our journey safe and secure.



Road Safety for Children

Road Safety for Children is a very important issue and need our participation to ensure the safety of children on roads. Educate your children so thay can be save on roads. A compaign to generate awareness in childrens and their parents about road safety so parent educate their children.


Road Safety for Corporate Sector

Road Safety for Corporate Sector organized to motivate corporate sector

Road Safety Tips and Facts

Do not take chance. Roads are made for journey not for death. Keep death off the Road. Careful driving save many lives. Get Tips and Facts on Road Safety.


Future plans

Basic training programs to fix your vehicle problems.

First aid training program. First aid knowledge is very important for everyone to know because effective first aid can reduce consequences of many injuries. Accidents are part of life so its duty of everyone to get training of first aids.

• Lanch a driving academy where people get driving training according to the road safety rules and standards.

Anger/Stress management programs to control your behavior and mood while driving.

Together we are road safety. Let's make accident free roads. Thank You